James Morales
Founder/ Creator/Writer/Photographer

Even though James has stepped down from Native Hoop, He will always be a part of the Native Hoop Family. Native Hoop would not have existed if it is was not for James.
Joleen Brown
Joleen Brown is the President of Native Hoop Magazine. She works with the Native People across turtle Island to promote the people in a positive manner, where mainstream media fails to promote any indigenous people. And a place where the people have a voice that can be heard.
Joleen started with Native Hoop Magazine in 2011 as a graphic designer. She moved her way up to the president potion in 7 yrs. Alongside James Morales (The Founder), Joleen has helped create a successful magazine that is now worldwide, with the goals of not profiting off the people.
Joleen has several degrees from Lane Community College, Criminal Law, Evidence Law, Accounting, Microsoft Certifications in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access. Speech and Language Development because her son is Autistic and was Non Verbal until he was 5yrs of age, and 3D Media Arts And Animation through the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
From 2003-2013, Joleen Volunteered at the Springfield Indian Education Program in Springfield Oregon when Virgil Martin was head of the program. She enjoyed working with the youth, supporting them teaching them about regalia, traditions; special needs support and operating powwows, fry bread stands, preparations for events and other functions for the youth.
Joleen would take classes on education for the special needs youth of the program. If there was a special class for different learning disabilities she would take the classes that were available. She would go to the Individual Education Program (I.E.P) meetings to make sure the youth would get the support they needed for their special individual needs.
In 2010 Virgil had talked about a program to help support all Native Programs. So after he had passed away Dean Armstrong and Joleen had talked about this and decided to continue his Legacy. After 8 years of Planning and a few other amazing people came aboard we finally have the Non Profit Native American Cultural Association of Oregon just for this purpose in 2018.
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