Native Hoop was created in 2009, because there was and is a need in Indian country for Natives to be promoted in a positive way. We needed a place to freely allow our voices to be heard. A place where Native businesses could be promoted, regardless if they have 2 or 500 employees. Native Hoop is here just for that reason. Any Native can submit to Native Hoop for publication in Native Hoop Magazine.

Under the Magazine we have specific rules that apply:
1) NO CEREMONIES are to be published.
2) NO New Age activity is accepted.
3) NO Bashing or Slander will be allowed.

Other than the rules above, each writer has full creative control over their work. Native Hoop has many aspects to it, from the social networks, to the Magazine. Native Hoop’s social network is to promote all Native organizations across Turtle Island. The network promotes Native organizations and what the people participate send in to us. The network is just a place to show the world how amazing the people are. And wow, the people are truly amazing.

Native Hoop Magazine is for Natives across Turtle Island to submit about their organizations, and other Native organizations, new and advanced writers and bloggers to submit their writings on the topics of their choosing, as long as the three rules above are not violated. Artists of various kinds, from beading engineers, painters, quill workers and much, much more, to submit and showcase their work for the world to see.

We are worldwide, in over 37 countries. To show the world the many talents of all of Natives on this great land, as well as the differences of the cultures in each tribe, this too is beautiful. With so many tribes, each tribe still has their own distinct culture and traditions. We have a free Digital download and free monthly PDF email listing. Pay only with a print purchase.

We are a 501c3 organization who has a heart for our people.

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